Spotless Dogs is a friendly dog grooming service based around Nursling in Southampton. UK. 
Offering many grooming services for all shapes and sizes of dogs.

Dog Grooming & Walking Service
Dog walking available in between grooming sessions via appointment only


What my service includes:

  • High quality grooming service with patience & gentle care with your pet
  • Assessment with client to establish how YOU would like your dog groomed
  • De matt coats prior to bathing to ensure knot free
  • Ear cleaning / Plucking
  • Nail trimming
  • Clipping / Feathering / Trimming coats
  • Bathing with high quality mild shampoo

Please note: all dogs are dryed by hand using a tornado dryer blaster that has several heat and speed settings to adjust to what ever your pet tolerates. No cage dryers are used and your pet has 100% of my attention during its grooming session.